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glitterby_icons's Journal

graphics by glitterbubbles
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this is the graphics community for glitterbubbles, in case you're wondering.

all icons posted are up for grabs [unless they're specifically for someone in particular]!
it makes me extra happy if you comment on things you like, and let me know if you're taking them, but i don't require it. credit if you like, but you don't have to... i'm just tickled pink if people like them enough to use! seriously, it makes me ridiculously happy, so don't hesitate to use them! ♥

if you like my style, and want me to make icons for you, i'd be delighted! just ask in one of the comments, and leave details if you have something in particular in mind [pics/colours/text/animation, etc].

**screencaps for any Jane Austen icons were done by desert_sky, except Mansfield Park, which was capped by deadbetty
**Harry Potter icons from PoA made from caps by crumblingwalls
**Buffy Caps (3.01 Anne) by plumcheeks
**other caps found at cap_it [or google image searches, if i'm desperate!]
**brushes/textures/gradients are by the incredibly talented crumblingwalls, teh_indy, ladyheatherlly, ohpaintbrush, my_wonderful, insomniax, & jeweledicecream.and sometimes found on brushaddicts or 100x100_brushes ♥♥
please worship accordingly.